Dino Game Project in PYTHON with Source Code

Dino Run Game project is written purely in Python. The project file contains image files and a python script (main.py). GUI uses the pygame library. Talking about the gameplay, it is a cloned version of an offline game played in google chrome naming “T-Rex Dino Run”. The main objective of this mini-game is to score more and more point without being touched by any obstacles. All the playing methods are the same. The user has to play this simple game using two Keyboard keys. Spacebar to jump and Down arrow key to hide. In comparison to the original one, this clone version has some changes in the gaming environment.

A simple and clean GUI is provided for easy gameplay. The gameplay design is so simple that user won’t find it difficult to use and understand. Different images are used in the development of this simple game project, the gaming environment is just like the original T-Rex Dino Run game. In order to run the project, you must have installed Python and Pygame on your PC. Dino Run Game in Python project with source code is free to download

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