Human Resource Management System Project in VB.NET With Source Code

Human Resource Management System project is developed using VB.NET. The Project is based on the concept of managing the employer’s record according to its departments.

It contains a login system. This means the user has to pass through a login system to use its features. A user can manage all the employers records, their respective departments as well as their performance reports.

Features of the Human Resource Management System, he/she can manage the employer’s record, its respective department and their overall performance. In order to insert an employee’s information, the user has to provide his/her name, age, contact details, department, and salary. The admin can also enter job details by entering a job title, it’s starting and ending date respectively.

Talking about department section, the user has to provide department name, phone number, strength, and select a Manager. It also contains a unique Department ID which is automatically generated by the system. To check the performance of employees, the user just has to select a month. The user can also search employee by department, salary and job title. The last feature of this project is about posting news. He/she can share certain news within the system.

Design of this is so simple that user won’t find difficulties while working on it. This project is easy to operate and understood by the users. To run this project you must have installed Visual Studio IDE and SQL Server on your PC. Human Resource Management System in VB.NET is free to download with source code


  1. Admin and Employee Login
  2. Departments
  3. CRUD Employees
  4. News
  5. Employees overall performance
  6. Job details

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