Medical Store Management System In Java | Source Code

Medical store management system is a java project that maintains the pharmacy records. The whole system is made in NetBeans IDE.

The system has a MySQL database as back-end support. The system supports all the features that are required here in this system.

About The system

Here in this system, there are two types of users one is admin and the other is the user itself. Most of the work is done by the admin. Here admin has full control over the system.

He can create users and add companies. Also, the admin can add different categories of medicines. As a whole, the system is the replica of the pharmacy system.


  1. First download the project and extract them.
  2. Then open your XAMPP and fire up the Apache server and MySQL server.
  3. Open your browser and create a database named as “medical”.
  4. Then create tables according to the code.
  5. Open your NetBeans IDE and lookout for each of the table names and their attributes.

File Password is

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