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ATM Simulator In C++ With Source Code

Project: ATM Simulator In C++ with source code

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ATM Simulator is developed using C++ Programming Language and is based on a concept of managing cash transactions of a personal account. The user can manage amount activities such as withdrawal, deposits, and balance inquiry. This ATM Simulator is a mini project to that of real ATM.

About the project

Talking about the features of this system, the user can withdraw the amount. The user has to enter withdrawn amount then the system displays a withdrawn receipt which shows transactions, amount. For deposit section, the user just has to enter an amount and the entered amount will be deposited. Another feature is about balance inquiry, it lets the user check his/her total remaining balance.


This simple system is developed using C++ Programming Language and different variables, strings have been used for the development of it. ATM Simulator in C++ Programming is free to download with source code. Use for educational purposes only! This project provides the simplest system for managing cash transactions


  1. Withdraw
  2. Deposit
  3. Balance

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