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Staff Management System Project in C++ with Source Code

The Staff Management System in c++ is based on a concept of managing the records of staff members in an office or organization. Here, the system contains no login feature. The users can easily add and delete and view the staffs. This mini project contains fewer features but essential ones.

About system

Talking about the features of Staff Management System, the system is applicable to any organization. Then the system displays records of the employees and staffs who work at your place. To run the system, you will require a C++ editor. Open the project in the editor and run it. When you run the project, you can select the operation format from the given menu. You can insert new records and sort them accordingly. You can delete the staff and also can view every worker who works for you.

This whole reservation system project is in C++ Programming Language and different variables and strings have been used for the development process. This C++ Programming project is free to download. To run the project you must have installed Dev C++ or Code Blocks on your PC. (we recommend these IDE). Though this project is mainly focused on Ordering system.

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