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Bank Management System In C++ With Source Code

Bank Management System is based on a concept of  customer’s account details. Here the user can perform all the tasks like creating an account, deposit amount, withdraw amount, check balance, view all account holders detail, close an account and modify an account.

There’s no login system for this project. All the main features for banking system are set in this project

  1. Talking about the features of the Bank Management System, a user can create an account by providing the name of the account holder, account number, select amount type whether its Saving account or Current account and providing an initial amount.
  2. Then the user can also deposit and withdraw money just by providing his/her account, then the system displays his/her profile and entering an amount.
  3. For certain purpose, he/she can also check for the balance inquiry which displays the account holder’s name with account number type and amount.
  4. He/she can also check for all the account holder’s list. Another feature is that the user can also close their account by providing their account number and he/she can modify their account detail and type if they want to.


  1. Create an account
  2. Deposit amount
  3. Withdraw amount
  4. Balance Enquiry
  5. List account holder’s detail
  6. Close an account
  7. Modify an account
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